Riga City tour

Tour popular sightseeing objects and experience contrasts of architecture

Approximate Distance & Duration

~14 km, 3 hours


Riga City Tour is perfect for discovering the most beautiful and popular sightseeing places in Riga. The tour starts in the old town, then straight to the Freedom monument and Latvian National Opera with its beautiful garden and the canal. The tour also includes important sightseeing objects as Cathedral, The Art Museum and Academy, Jugendstyle district, which is called the quite centre and has many picturesque architecture designs, art galleries and cosy restaurants. Riga city tour also goes through renovated wooden architecture of the Kipsala and Kalnciema districts, Victory park and the Latvian National library building. This tour is based on the contrast of various architecture styles and living standarts - posh Jugendstyle versus adorable wooden houses. During the tour there will be an option to visit the market and a museum. Discover the real Riga with this guided bike tour.

Main Attractions


Art Museum and Academy


Latvian National Library

Art Nouveau district

What's included?

  • - bicycle
  • - guide
  • - helmet
  • - safety vest

€30 per person

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